Reagan Strange the Voice Top 10 Performance | Reagan Strange Cry

Reagan Strange Sings Cry Tonight on The Voice Top 10

Reagan Strange the Voice Top 10 

The Top 10 get real about their first ever performances.

She posted on her facebook:

Come along with us on this amazing journey. The “ Experts” keep saying “You can’t do this or that.” Man will label you in hopes that you feel unworthy as they do. Once you realize God created you for an amazing life. Then you feel comfortable right in the middle of a storm. Let man take the course and he will tell you how you’re not worthy because of your circumstance. Let Nature/God take its course then I promise you your whole life will change.

Catch your tongue as fast as you can. And in time you will see yourself changing inside. You’re not supposed to be even close to understanding life in your teens. Pay no attention to the adults acting like you’re supposed to do no wrong. Once again that’s adults hiding in the closet.

Grow towards God. No need to hide your wrongs because you’re in need of mans approval. I’ve been traveling the whole country meeting amazing good people. Stay away from today’s label words people use. That is your warning that you are around a people pleaser. Who wants to share his or her trash.

You have to Guard yourself because the devil wakes up ten minutes before we do. Fear sells and the weak are buying it up like Furby in the 90s
You have to decide are you going to become a label so you can have friends who feel the same? Or are you going to become all God created you to be. Look at what comes out of your mouth and that will tell others who you have decided to be

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Reagan Strange the Voice Top 10 

The young singer has been the top Apple streamer two weeks in a row. Her mom and dad got divorce when she was five. Adam notes her limitless upper register, but suggests that she work on her lower register. He thinks the the song choice is perfect for her. We see her little brother, who looks up to her. Hmm….pitch problems here. Can she hear herself? The high notes are problematic. She’s also still having breathing problems. 

She’s actually better in her midrange, to be honest. Unlike her teen counterparts, Reagan really sounds her age. She hits a real long note, and it is not without effort. This young one needs more time to marinate. Blake is still mad she didn’t pick him as a coach. “That’s a tough song,” he says, “You did a great job on it.” Kelly agrees. She loves the way she expresses emotion. Adam says she raised the key a half step. Adam is impressed. But it’s probably because she struggled with the lower notes. Adam thinks she commands the attention of everyone in the room when she sings. He thinks she should be rewarded for THAT (forget those wonky vocals!)

Reagan Strange Sings Cry by Faith Hill for her The Voice  Top 10 peroformance tonight

Reagan Strange Sings Cry by Faith Hill : ITunes Download

Reagan Strange Sings Complicated for her The Voice  Top 11

Reagan Strange – Team Adam Levine – Complicated : ITunes Download

Reagan Strange Sings "You Say" – The Voice 2018 Live Top 13 Performances

These performances are beginning to blend from one to the other. Good song choice for Rebecca.  It really showed off her pretty alto and allowed her to show some emotion. It was obvious that she connected to the song on a personal level.

Reagan Strange sings Bebe Rexha's "Meant to Be" during the Blind Auditions.

Dancing on My Own by Robyn (Calum Scott) – Is 14 and has been watch The Voice since she was little. Mimi loves Reagan’s tone. “It reminds me of when I was first starting out.”Adam is ready to cry.  I think Reagan is the chosen one in this matchup. The Voice loves young, precocious talent. Reagan is a giggly teenager off stage, but once she opens her mouth to sing, her deep rich tone is mature. Adam is not letting this one go.

Reagan Strange Sings You Say: ITunes Download 

Blake notes RADHA’s “fast vibrato” comparing it to his gal pal Gwen Stefani.  JHud compares her to Celine. RADHA was nervous singing in front of Mariah! Kelly would choose Reagan because she loved her song choice. Adam calls Reagan’s song choice “gutsy.” Adam Chooses Reagan because she “dazzled” him. And Adam Saves RADHA

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Reagan Strange Sings You Say: ITunes Download 

Viewers react to Reagan Strange the Voice Top 10 

Christa Bailey She's so overrated. Why are people streaming her??? So many other real singers. She's a sweet girl, but come on.

Shawna Ann Wobbly, shaky boring voice with no range or quality or maturity or life.. She’s off pitch half the time. If I was blind and heard her singing I still wouldn’t like it. Has nothing to do with her age or looks. She’s just not “the voice”.

Jonathan Krushell I think she's great, but unfortunately for her and the other kids, Kennedy is in the competition, and she's on a whole other level.

Sophia M Turner Chevel is stiff and has no range…Kennedy is overrated and boring. Sarah is very likable but not as good as Reagan. SO the winner is Reagan. Go team Adam

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