Rayshun LaMarr sings "Try a Little Tenderness" ‘The Voice’ Top 11: ‘America’s Choice

Rayshun LaMarr sings “Try a Little Tenderness”

Rayshun LaMarr sings "Try a Little Tenderness"  

 I can’t think of another song that would allow Rayshun to go complete full on nutso on stage.  America saved him last week! And may again this week. We’ll see. Adam tries to keep Rayshun from performing on full blast 11. He thanks the entire RayshunNation fam! Online, he connects with a fellow cancer survivor.Touching. He does manage to hold back for the first few verses. Then he gets to that bridge/chorus…time to go wild. And he does, with dance steps and even a few hip thrusts. Ok, that wasn’t bonkers like I was expecting. Good performance from Rayshun. Adam reminds viewers he was in the B2 last week. Now he’s number one! The judges are standing! “You are unstoppable,” says Adam. 


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