Rayshun LaMarr Sings Let’s Get It On The Voice Top 10

 Rayshun LaMarr Sings Let's Get It On 

Rayshun will once again sing his way out of danger. I’ve heard this song performed better. For sure! But this performance is the best out of the three performances. Oh well. The singer who is saved tonight will only get another week out of it. Adam stands up. He gives Rayshun the hard sell. Poor Jackie! Adam don’t care. 

Rayshun LaMarr sings  Rayshun LaMarr Sings Let's Get It On  for his the Voice Top 10 and he advances to Top 8 the Voice 2018

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Rayshun LaMarr sings Mr. Jukes ft. Charles Bradley's "Grant Green" during the live Top 10 performances.

Viewers reacted to 

Heather Grass So many haters. Everyone is so cruel. Can't you just be happy and enjoy the show. All of you haters get up there on stage and sing for us

Ray Smith I don't know why people are complaining about him moving around and stuff. Guess they hate James Brown, and other singers like him.
Plus, how many people actually understand all the words of James Brown. If James Brown were a contestant this year, I would love to see what kind of negative remarks he gets.. lol..And, Alecia's last winner Chris Blue, moved around way more than Rayshaun does. 

I'm not comparing Rayshaun to James Brown, but the style is just the same.

If you don't like that style of music, that's fine. But to knock a guy that is performing what he loves, and that most people seem to appreciate, I just can't understand it.

Dave Surma This guy is on 220 volts when he should be on 110. As much as i try to enjoy his entertainment he simply tries too hard.

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