The Voice 2018 Rayshun LaMarr – Live Playoffs: “I’m Goin’ Down”

Rayshun LaMarr I'm Goin' Down

 “I’m Going Down” by Rose Royce – Rayshun is taking the audience to church.Great vocal tonight–so animated. He’s another singer performing as if his life depended on it. He ends up on the floor. No really. He’s laying on the floor. THIS MAN NEEDS A CAPE. Heh. “If only you could have a little more energy,” Adam snarks. “You just won the week. 

The Voice 2018 Rayshun LaMarr – Live Playoffs: "I'm Goin' Down"

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Social Medial Reactions to Rayshun LaMarr I'm Goin' Down :

Joyce Price Don’t care for this guy at all and from the look on Adams face I don’t think he expected him to be chosen. He didn’t seem happy.

Sue Clark Whose unhinged idea was it to institute this new format? It's unfair to the audience, the judges, but most of all to the contestants!!! Thank you Adam for finally speaking out

Paula Mason Schubert Best performance of the night! Glad Adam spoke out about the new set up, too!

Orlando Alvarado To much screaming for me he ruined that Mary J Blige song don't ever sing a Mary J Blige song again

Debbie Gibson I seriously hate this set up they have reason to send all this talent home. Have a top 24 for Americas Vote..and i don't even live in the US..but wayyyy too much talent going home.

Margo Hopkins I don't like The Voice new format at all. I think it does not allow fans to get to hear/know artists enough..BAH!!! not enthused

Nancy A. Renaud Best performance of the night!! So much energy and so fantastic! I would go to his show in a New York minute!

Vicki Moss Fenton Rayshun’s performance was the only one that I did not fast forward through after hearing the first minute. love Rayshun LaMarr I'm Goin' Down

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