America's Got Talent 2018 Quin and Misha Dance Duo Quin Audition

Quin and Misha GET GOLDEN BUZZER Dance Duo America’s Got Talent 2018 Judge Cuts 3

Quin and Misha Dance Duo Quin Audition 

America’s Got Talent auditions continue in front of judges Howie Mandel, Mel B.Heidi Klum and Simon Cowell. Host Tyra Banks presides over all the madness. Join us tonight as we live blog all the performances.
The Golden Buzzer is back. Each judge and the host gets one opportunity to send a contestant straight through to the live shows. Who will win the 1 million dollar prize?

These two have a hard time pinning down the nature of their relationship. The guy is in his 30s and the woman is 71!!! No, they aren’t in a relationship. She has a husband. She’s very easy to lift, which is half their act. He’s doing all the heavy lifting, figuratively and actually. Still!That gal is LIMBER. Impressed. Heidi says, “Age doesn’t have an expirations date.” Simon thinks they are interesting and inspirational. Howie jokes that if his wife moved like that, he’d need an adjustment.

Next, it’s a montage of magic acts, including a guy with a pile of cascading balls.

The female dancer is 71 years old. Her very supportive husband is in the audience. Quin’s father was a rice farmer in Laos. She’s only been dancing for 10 years. She had to find a young partner because her husband could not keep up. The male dancer does most of the heavy lifting here. Figuratively and literally. She’s amazingly limber. “You have definitely inspired me,” says Heidi. Simon loves their personality, “This was great.” Martina says, “You inspired everybody.” What the heck? Martina hits her Golden Buzzer. REALLY? REALLY? Uh. They’ll be cut in the first live round, But it’s a feel good moment? I like that and I’ve had a 25 year career.” Simon says it should not have worked, but it did. 

Quin and Misha Dancing Duo GREAT DANCE QUARTERFINALS 2 America's Got Talent 2018

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