The Voice 2018 Knockout- Pryor Baird “Will It Go Round In Circles”

Pryor Baird The Voice 2018 Knockout

In the first battle of the night, Pryor Baird and Kaleb Lee duet on Tom Petty’s “Don’t Do Me Like That” on The Voice.

Blake Shelton chose Pryor as the winner of the battle.

Pryor Baird sings John Mayer's "I Don't Need No Doctor" during his blind audition.

This is how you slay.

His eyes are closed THE WHOLE TIME! Give some eye contact.

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Viewers reaction:

Danielle Scott Yaaasssss!!! Love his voice! He could sing me algebra and it would rock!

Shannon Baird It's so sad that everybody b****** and complains about the screaming when really it's called music but you guys are so close-minded just like Aerosmith Guns and Roses all you hear is Scream but my goodness if I like music and I like all kinds of music I think Pryor Baird did an awesome job

Anushka Lovell The other guy was just a very bad karaoke version of Grenade. He should have pick a song more suitable but I think the judges were just being plain nice in their comments as that was a below average performance for the knockouts…its almost like he wanted to go home

While he has power I agree with Amy Sidoti, too much screeching. I think he should show some variation. It is almost the same style of singing and screeching. He has that James Brown sort of a sound may be try something a little different if not there is no variety and it becomes mundane

Jillian Balcazar When Pryor sang "Will It Go Round In Circles" By The Late Billy Preston OMG, I thought He did such Incredible & Unbelievable Job. Because, He sounded Very Entertainment last night & I'm glad He made It through to The live shows. Because, He deserve It & Especially with That performance last night.

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