The Voice 2018 Pryor Baird – Top 12: “Pickin’ Wildflowers”

Pryor Baird Pickin' Wildflowers 

Blake says Pryor is the first blues/rock/country he’s ever had on his team.  Pryor grew up growing hunting and fishing, and they used their imaginations and they would go out and pick wildflowers. The wildflowers he picked for his girlfriend Andrea remind him of this song.

Pryor says nailing the song will be a challenge.  Upbeat songs are always a bit of a risk.  He’s playing guitar.  This song is a good choice for his voice, but I’m not a fan of this.  He’s rocking out on the guitar.  It’s a bit shouty…   I don’t like this at all.  He sounded like he was screaming most of the time.  But all four coaches up on their feet again, so maybe it sounds different live.

Kelly says every time he sings she wants to go out with her man.  He reminds her of Texas bars, ache, soulful rock.  Blake says Pryor is to a song like a bulldozer is to trees.  He reinvents the song and jumbles up all the words.  He loves the passion.

Viewers reacted to Pryor Baird Pickin' Wildflowers 

Laura Harman Hash Kelly Clarkson is the most annoying voice coach ever!! Hoping they replace her ASAP and she never comes back! Cant stand her shes obnoxious and its not cute at all 

Timothy Guy This is just my feelings about this season. I think it is the worst season yet. There is to Me, no one I really like to see win. Who ever wins sure will deserve it. Best of luck to all 12.

Cathy Benson Before I comment….where's all the talent this year? I hear it's on Idol lol. Pryor's good but terrible song…

Heather Schwab I’m sad for Keith Anderson. I really hope he didn’t see this guy mess up a great song. Blake Shelton should have picked something else for him.

Jillian Balcazar When Pryor sang ''Pickin Wild Flowers'' By Keith Anderson I thought He did such Incredible & Unbelievable Job last night It sounded Very Entertainment. Well, Like I said before I like The Idea He picks A country song & Twist It By making sound like His own style, I love That Rock N' Roll, Soul & Blues voice He has, He Is So good.

Christine Cawelti Johnston Pryor Baird, you've got what it takes! Love your style, presence, and voice! Best of luck to ya buddy! I can't wait to buy your 1st CD! Congratulations on an amazing performance tonight! Unfortunately, I live in Pacific time zone so the voting is already a done deal by the time I get to see the show!

Patsy Clayton Gooch Horton Seems like most everybody is saying what I was going to say—Worse show and contestants since the show started, I just hope after seeing all these comments the Voice can pull themselves out of this dark deep hole and get back to being the best show ever I still have hope !

Pam Spencer Gibson He's one of my top favorites but wasn't crazy about his song tonight. As a matter of fact, was disappointed in a lot of songs tonight. Kyla did really good though. Plus I usally love Jackie, the rocker, but didn't tonight.

Risa Nulton Is it my favorite but it is cool seeing someone on there from this area love the Central Coast it'll be cool to see someone from this area when and go on to see but I haven't vote for him not because who he is it just not selling it with him the way I did with a lot of the others in the other seasons

Ann Clancy Nice guy, but he keeps messing up the words to the songs. love Pryor Baird Pickin' Wildflowers 

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