Pryor Baird Sings My Town by Montgomery Gentry

Pryor Baird My Town 

Tonight, The Voice Top 10 will be performing for your votes.  After an overnight vote (including iTunes downloads and streams) two singers will be sent home on Tuesday night (May 8). 

Tonight’s theme “Challenge Week” could be song or genre-based, or having to do with performance and stage presence — each singer tackling something that they see as a challenge on their journey to become a well-rounded artist. Coach Kelly Clarkson  is set to perform her latest single “I Don’t Think About You” tonight. Charlie Puth and Five Seconds of Summer will be performing tomorrow.

Pryor Baird Sings My Town by Montgomery Gentry for his the Voice Top 10 performance

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Pryor Baird sings Keith Anderson's "Pickin' Wildflowers" during the live top 12 performances.

Viewers reacted to Pryor Baird My Town 

Cheri M Forbes He's my favorite by far this season loved your choice tonight you did amazing! You could win this Pryor!

Daleann Bass He is a natural, some got it some don't this guy will be in the Top 3

Kris Lopez Nails on a chalkboard. But since he's Team Blake, he can probably screech his way into the finale.

Kathy Foster Can''t believe Blake gave up Wilks though he was the best of them all!

Carolyn Alvis He has talent but I am really shocked he made it this far. Not in the same league as the rest, really love Pryor Baird My Town 

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