Presley Tennant’s “Stone Cold” Shows Huge Range – The Voice Blind Auditions 2019

Presley Tennant The Voice 

The Voice Season 16, episode 6 airs Monday, March 18 as the final round of Blind Audition 2019 contestants take the stage in hopes of securing one of the nine remaining spots on a team. 

Presley Tennant The Voice 

Presley Tennant performs "Stone Cold" in The Voice Blind Auditions.

The Voice will run a special two-hour show on Wednesday, highlighting the best moments from the 2019 Blind Auditions. The show will then return Monday, March 25 for the start of the Battle Rounds.

She’s a tomboy.  Her whole family likes to go ATV riding in the dessert.  She loves being active, around 10 she entered a singing competition.  She then entered into a girls group, and she began performing.  When the band broke up she was devastated, and she’s been performing at amusement parks and local events.  Really smooth, unique lower voice.  Kelly turns a few lines in.  

She’s really good, and doing this song differently then how’ve we heard it before.  (Although Alisan Porter owns this song).  She has a big belty voice, the audience is really into it.  Wow can’t believe this is a one chair turn.  She was really good, nice run at the end.  Kelly says that’s a big ole range and they are all insane for not turning around.  John says she sounded incredible in the high areas.   Team Kelly!  Kelly says she’s so excited, that she has a mighty range.  She should have been a three or four chair turn for real.

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