President Trump Interview with Sean Hannity 6/11/18

"The president is now following the lead of a predecessor named Ronald Reagan. And just like President Donald J. Trump, Reagan deployed a policy, a philosophy of peace through strength, trust but verify, a very aggressive military posture."

Viewers reactions:

Tracy L. Smith Funny how fox blasted so much hate on Obama when he talked about how he would meet with enemies. Just run of the mill double standard. Just like the golf, and executive orders, etc. Etc.

George Paul Skrzypniak Justin Trudeau: biggest accomplishment is making the Canadian anthem gender neutral 

Donald Trump: achieving world peace

Kim Taylor Dopko This is such a great time for America. I can't believe anyone would want him to fail….shows how out of touch most liberals are

Toni Wilson I hope and pray that after Trump finishes in his 8 years that someone is paying attention and maintains the same leadership! If Trump had not been elected, I am sure we would all be sharing the same currency as the rest of the Nations by now! We have came from very close to one world order to order! I can sleep better at night knowing my children and grandchildren will be safe for a few more years!

Linda Burnett meanwhile, government-sanctioned kidnapping of hundreds of children is still occurring at our borders. You might want to hold off on that Nobel Peace Prize.

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