President Trump Destroys NFL Players After Preseason Protests, Demands Them To Be Suspended Without Pay

The feud between Donald Trump and the NFL and it’s players has carried over into yet another season on the backs of more protests.

Kenny Stills and Albert Wilson of the Miami Dolphins took a knee during the National Anthem ahead of their preseason matchup against the Buccaneers Thursday night, joined by Malcom Jenkins of the Eagles, who raised a fist while standing prior to his game against the Steelers.

The President took to Twitter, blasting the players and suggesting they find a new way to protest – even demanding they should be suspended without pay.

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Viewer reactions:

Ray R Guimond He should mind his own business and stop dividing the country. He's such an a**hole.

Rudy Rodriguez Sticking his nose into business that has nothing to do with him at all! He needs to be impeached and censored! Piece of shit of a president! Somebody take him out of office PLEASE!

Scott Hey But nazi’s are fine people. Where’s the tweet about the 1400 Americans that were left to die in Puerto Rico??

Chris Batchelor Kneeling during the pledge seems somewhat more patriotic than kneeling in Putins office….

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