President Trump and the First Lady Halloween at the White House

President Trump and the First Lady Host Halloween at the White House

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President Donald J. Trump and First Lady Melania Trump host Halloween at the White House.

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Mary Theresa Del Buono  Thank you for giving the kids a good time…pre-Halloween day…look at those pumpkins …you can make pumpkin soup out of them…and pies..

Norma Cassidy ·Great couple sharing trick or treat with much love no matter what religion or creed. Just looking at the smiles on their face brings a smile on mine.

Janice Lytle · This President and his wife isn't about celebrities. They are about the working class people. It's just wonderful. I couldn't keep up with this man if I tried. So full of vitality at his age. Shows what no smoking and no drinking does for a person . So proud of my President

So awesome for these kiddos. Such fun and to meet the President of the United States and First Lady 

Love this, this wasn't done last 8 years that I know of. But you can see that they are in no hurry and are more than willing to get pictures taken.

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