Trump holds ‘Keep America Great’ rally in Mississippi

President Trump flies to Tupelo, Mississippi to speak to supporters just a day after the House voted to begin a formal impeachment inquiry.

To honor our veteran

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Cuomo and De Blasio’s harsh parting words for the president are just the latest in a string of liberal attacks as Trump officially makes Mar-a-Lago his permanent home

Viewer  reaction :

Guy Jones :  X Democrat here turned Republican. Wow this is truly amazing I am so happy I have gotten clarity I should’ve done this years ago

Jolie Smith  I glad to know that in my time we have a President that actually loves America wants to make things better and lives his job and loves it!

Destiny Peffly  20 years old but not in the dark! I know my president and what he stands for! I can honestly say I sleep better at night knowing you are in the seat Mr. President. Thank you for all you do.

Teresa Mapp Jones · Thank you Mr President, we appreciate you and please keep it up. GOD IS GREAT, and you’ve helped to Make America Great Again. So glad you’ve stood up to them. Thank you and your family. Teresa and Adrian Jones

Susan Guta ·Doing a great job with out Dems!!! Keep going sir !!! You got a lot of Americans behind you!!! God bless you! America first!

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