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For 2 years Robert Mueller was a god to the Democrats. Now they HATE his findings! NO COLLUSION. NO OBSTRUCTION.

Fight back against the Delusional Dems

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Secretary of State Mike Pompeo sits down with 'Fox & Friends' to discuss working with Mexico and Central American countries to stop the flow of drugs and migrants into the U.S. and explains how the Trump administration wants to help bring democracy to Venezuela.

Trump gives fiery speech at Republican committee dinner

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 Your in my sons neck of the woods. It be great if you could stop off and take pics with him. He is model prisoner who just made fire academy, who truly appreciates your prison reform. His name is Andre Harvey he is there in imperial state prison. He’s been incarcerated since he was 16 years old. Our family is from Ohio where we voted for you  Thank you so much Mr. President Trump

Funny how the one page of the report that was revealed to the public stated that “this report does not fully exonerate him” while Trump tweets “FULL EXONERATION.” Ain’t foolin’ nobody, Donnie.

If I buy 1 tee shirt does she come with it? How about 2 tee shirts? Hahaha Then again I’m 60, I could be her grandpa. lol my brain is still 30.

Awesome! Only butt when are yuo gonna do the "oranges of species" chuck darwin tees? Also, very intrestingg when yuo said youre dad was born in germ any. Do you kno where in Ger many? Was it Hamberd? awesom! Can you do a teeshirt of that pls

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