2020 Campaign President Donald JTrump Slogan Revealed

President Donald J Trump Revealed His 2020 Campaign Slogan

During his remarks at the Make America Great Again rally in support of GOP candidate Rick Saccone, President Donald J. Trump revealed his 2020 campaign slogan



President Donald Trump 2020 Campain Slogan

Fans reacted:

Craig Lindsay Wow clever lol. So was America that bad before? All Trump has down is make it worse. The motto should've been: more Stormy weather.

Cheryl Kohrell Schmuecker So, was this his 2020 campaign speech or a rally for the person who needs his support? Beware for those who are asking him for his support, it’s going to be his 2020 campaign rally. And yet, the GOP, have their noses so up his a$$, they look forward to the day.

Margo Peltzer Schenck Oh, my Lord! So thankful and grateful for this man and our vice president and their families! I can't even say, except to praise the Lord and say, "Thank you, God, for Donald Trump and Mike Pence, and thank You! Thank You."

Matt Enders Cool. #KeepAmericaGreat by not giving back power to the Democrats. They've promised to raise taxes and give reparations if they get back into power. Low IQ Maxine Waters will promise anything for a few votes.

Michelle Hicks Very smart decision to bring out your next campaign slogan now. Tactics that has proven to be very successful. Not that you need it….

Richard Hoffman Eh, it's as lame as Bill Clinton's "Make America Great Again". Just improve the country. There is no slogan needed. If Trump screws up; he's gone. Even Trump admitted: The MAGA was what people cheered for, so it became the slogan.


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