President Donald J. Trump's schedule for Wednesday, March 28th

President Donald J. Trump’s schedule for Wednesday, March 28th

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President Donald J. Trump's schedule for Wednesday, March 28th:
· Credentialing ceremony for newly appointed ambassadors to Washington, DC
· Lunch with the Secretary of Defense

" Our economy is stronger than it has been in many decades. Business is booming and jobs are coming back like never before "


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Viewers reacted:

Viewers reacted:

Zach Valentine You can't spell Triumph without Trump folks! Our President is winning for America and it's people. With Russia gone all you have is your anger, hatred, and rage. Our President certainly solidified a second term with all he has done. Never has another who stood before him displayed such testicular fortitude! Simply unstoppable folks!

Fajga Loebstein You still haven't mentioned the enormous March For Our Lives demonstrations! Millions of people took to the streets, on all seven continents, in support of gun reform, and you haven't said one word about it. A real president represents ALL people, not just the party they ran as. (Remember, you first ran as Reform Party, and was a Democrat for years).

The March For Our Lives brought out people of all beliefs, races and political affiliations and ages, yet not one word from you about them!!! You are a horrible person. You don't lead. You behave as if you smash and cut down, it leaves you standing. It doesn't work that way in America. Your tactics won't work here. We will survive you.

Mike Smith This page is full of jobless democrats with nothing to do but complain. Its impressive. If only this much effort was put into anything noteworthy.

Barbra Aper Thank you Mr. President for all that you are doing to help America. Please have Jeff Sessions turn over the requested files on the Hillary Clinton emails scandal. This is part of draining the swamp. I don't understand why the DOJ and the FBI are dragging their feet. This should be public knowledge, since the case was closed. So what is the problem. We want accountability. We want justice. Not an elite form of justice for them and a different form for the people. Thank you, God bless, hang tough with the swamp , they are not your friends. Please tell the First Lady she is doing a fantastic job!

Gabriela Lopez Those democrats about 100 of your nominees have been kicked backed Mitch McConnell needs to step down all he is doing is corruption and he gave himself a raise in the budget and wont approve your nominees? He is useless….sad.


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