President Donald J. Trump’s schedule for Wednesday, March 21st

President Donald J. Trump's schedule for Wednesday, March 21st:
· Cabinet meeting
· Financial Services Forum spring meeting

" The Democrats do not want to help DACA. Would be so easy to make a DEAL!" 

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Viewers reacted:

Charles Shoemaker It's only in danger because of you! You made the issue! The program was working fine until you came along! Your followers are idiots for believing you still at this point.

Larry Kelley I can’t wait until 2020 so the world can see the CNN anchors crying in disbelief again. And don’t leave out Fox News anchor Shepherd Smith. They are doing everything they can to destroy you. What they don’t understand is that we have a president that can’t be bought, intimidated or controlled by their lies.

Steven Hagedorn Will you all pray with me, Dear Heavenly Father I pray that you continue to give your clear guidance, wisdom and protection to our President, I Am asking you God to reveal those that are against America and expose their evil intent, bind them and remove them permanently, I Am asking thee Heavenly Father to send your army of angels upon this planet, protect your children from this evil, this threat of wars, slavery to debt bind those with evil intent and remove them permanently. Almighty Father the evil in this world continues to place the world in paths of war.

I Am asking you Dear Loving Father to send us Divine Justice, send your Archangels to over see congress, shake them awake and see that they govern for your children, remove the evil from all government and replace them with your blessed choice and bring peace upon this planet. For only you our true Heavenly Father can fix this and bring peace. Forgive us Father, let your Divine Love Light and Peace blaze upon this planet consuming all darkness. In Jesus Name Amen. In God We Trust.

Tony Perez Mr. Trump sir, more people are leaving than coming.. why not try that in the northern border, thats where all the terrorists are coming from…. you are embarrassment to the office and will soon be a really bad memory with history not being very kind to you

Phyllis Thomson How many noticed the lack of MSN commenting on today's school shooting? Sad…not only does it not fit their agenda but not enough people died? They are harming our country.

Shirley Marie Wow, another shooting, and they had an armed officer that took him down. The whiners on here are probably the ones raising the freakin snowflakes and that is why this is going on!! Grow up!! and tell your kids to do the same!!!

Michael Beard I suppose the liberal idiots will want the security guard arrested for not allowing the shooter due process. He had his due process when he aimed and fired his gun at the security guard. Thankfully he did not run away from the carnage but he met it head on and stopped any further actions by the shooter

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