President Donald J. Trump’s schedule for Wednesday, March 14th

President Donald J. Trump's schedule for Wednesday, March 14th:
· Travel to St. Louis, MO
· Tour the Boeing Company
· Roundtable discussion on tax cuts and tax reform
· Roundtable with joint fundraising committee 
· Remarks at joint fundraising committee reception
· Travel to Washington, DC

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Viewers reacted:

Diane Widi Thank you Mr. President! Home values have increased tremendously, unemployment is at it's lowest, stocks have soared through the roof, ISIS is gone, tax reform has put money back into the pockets of Americans, and the list goes on and on! Trump/Pence 2020 

Cindy Ebersole President Trump you have made America Great Again!!!!! For anyone who cannot come to grips with that they are so sadly blinded with liberalism.

Michele Go Build the wall and get e-verify. I'm starting to lose hope and I live in California. This is gone on 20 years too long. Our government needs to fix the problem now

Darlene Ersik-Baker You know, Make America Great, right? No, not right. America has always been great. Stop trying to implode our great system of government. And stop all the divisiveness and deflection.

Maureen Finder Well michael if it will get the republitards to listen to gun control and bastardize the nra than go for it….the only ones being manipulated are the republitards and trump supporters …you folks can't think for yourself

Suanne Humbert When should we expect your full throated support for the UK with regard to their retaliation for Russia's attack on British soil? Have you penciled that in yet, Comrade Trump? I've seen nothing so far today. It's been hours since Theresa May announced the expulsions and sanctions. ANY other American president would be standing shoulder to shoulder with the UK. You reveal yourself with every passing hour.

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