President Donald J. Trump’s schedule for Tuesday, March 13th

President Donald J. Trump’s schedule for Tuesday, March 13th:
· Travel to San Diego, CA
· Reviews Border Wall Prototypes
· Delivers remarks to members of the military
· Travel to Los Angeles, CA
· Roundtable with Republican National Committee supporters

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Viewers reacted:

Toni Scavo You have a Republican House and Senate and legislature and still can't pass laws. Everything you do is by executive order, except the horrible tax bill, which was actually McConnell and Ryan. The next president will undo everything you think you've accomplished. You're a non-negotiator, and a weak and insecure individual. You have only my pity.

Sue Davis President Trump is doing everything he promised to do. He's not a politician…he's a business man. Thank you for draining the swamp and making America great again!! More change than any other administration in the history of the USA. All while not accepting a paycheck. Trump 2020!! Keep America Great! 

Diana Von H Please don't pay attention to the protestors that are supposed to be waiting for your arrival. There are more of us here that support you, but we'll be at work, so you may not see as many supporters. The protestors you will see (unfortunately) are most likely illegal aliens, anyway. Have a safe trip, Mr. President.

MD Mehedi Hasan Donald Trump is the first President I have seen
in the past two decades that actually is a leader.
He doesn't care about polls or criticism. He does
what is right for America. Trump 2020!!!!!

Perparim Kaba California this time nice!
I remember you Mr President Donald J. Trump last time being in California for your rally’s you entered in that hotel from the back, but now you go straight in the front and tell them the bs libtards new sheriff is in town!

Juliet Gopie Happy Tuesday! President Trump has no time to hide in the shadows. He stands in the light, and put his talents and skills on display for all to see, and he signs his work with his real name. He's being real. We do understand and will always remember, our president is a positive influence to our country and it's people. He works well with others. People see him as established and solid, and he has that passion to do what needs to be done. May god bless you to build on your success calmly and confidently always.

JD Petree The VA still doesn't want to give veterans choice, not really. If veterans don't really have a choice, then what good is veterans choice. I was just told by the VA that if I went to an emergency room, they wouldn't pay for it. I have a 100% service connection rating. Give veterans the choise to go where they can get medical help the fastest and best please.


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