President Donald J. Trump’s schedule for Thursday, March 1st

President Donald J. Trump’s schedule for Thursday, March 1st

President Donald J. Trump’s schedule for Thursday, March 1st:
· Meeting on school safety
· Lunch with the Vice President and the Secretary of Defense
· Meeting with members of the Senate

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Rose M Massey Personally I think we should wall off CA into mexico. Deed the whole state to mexico and let them have it. They do not care about citizens of the USA. There should be NO federal funding of any kind going to this state and some of their politicians should be jailed.

Richard DeMario I want to congratulate the greatest President this country has ever had. To abandon a millionare lifestyle to humbly serve the nation is something only a sincere man could do. Liberals need to sit back and relax, the adults are now in charge of this country and are finally getting it back on track after 8 years of tyranny and race-baiting. After witnessing the greatest speech in American and worlld history the other night, I am confident Trump will be our President for the next 7 years. As Christians, we the people are proud to call Trump our President. Our Christian nation finally has a true Christian leader that emulates the life and actions of our Lord and Savior. Trump will go down as the greatest President this country has ever seen. God bless President Trump and his beautiful family!

Diane Malecki Please, please come up with a way that US citizens can contribute legally to the wall. I know many people who would contribute today! I called my reps and the White house . They both told me they would send back my check because I can’t legally send in the contribution. Please fix this so we can help. We want the wall and if it isn’t finished while you are president, it may never be finished! Thank you and God bless you

Sonia Lizardo-Dillon An idea: You can start building from the East to the West. By the time we get to the West governor Brown will be gone. He will be gone soon since 46 California counties don’t like him. In fact, they are getting together to create a new State calls “the New California”

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