President Donald J. Trump’s schedule for Friday, March 2nd

President Donald J. Trump’s schedule for Friday, March 2nd:
· Travel to Charlotte, NC
· Attend the funeral of the Reverend Billy Graham
· Travel to Palm Beach, FL
· Roundtable with Republican National Committee supporters
· Remarks at the Republican National Committee Spring Donor Retreat Dinner

During today's Opioid Summit at the White House, Eric Bolling shared the story of his son who died from an accidental overdose.

Viewers reacted:

Jeff Powell Trump knows more about these industries than any previous president. I will take his word for it. 40 years of business experience working for us. Outstanding. Double outstanding!

Wyatt McGuiness As a person who voted for Obama TWICE I’ll admit he was an embarrassment and a traitor to this country. But at least he did one thing right, he got us Donald J Trump
Thanks to Trump Hillary is not our President, Political correctness is dying and America is safer and more productive than ever

Race Kelly Please don’t take our 2nd amendment away. All I want to do is grab my rifle and go hunting. Why should I have my 2nd amendment stripped away because of one lunatic out of school?

Michael G Fray Says the Liar in Chief who bought steel from China for the keystone pipeline and who makes ALL of his products in other countries!! Don the Con, duping you everyday with his lies!

Cheri Hallett Walton The 2nd Amendment isn't about hunting! It's about being able to protect ourselves against criminals and a tyrannical government. If you allow the 2nd Amendment to be infringed, you lose me. If you grant CITIZENSHIP to DACA recipients, you lose me. Both are unconstitutional, both are wrong.

Kathy Matthews Thank You Mr. President for all that you do and have done! We the people want to see something done with all the corruption that has taken place in the Obama administration, there is so much,and from here IT looks like nothing is being done, we need a special prosecutor!

Sconsin Danny There seems to be more criminals in the DOJ and FBI than we have in the Federal prison system. Stop protecting the ruling class, it makes us all look bad!

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