President Donald Trump's schedule for Friday, March 23rd

President Donald Trump’s schedule for Friday, March 23rd

President Donald  Trump's schedule for Friday, March 23rd
· Meeting with Secretary of Defense, Secretary of Homeland Security, and Deputy Secretary of State
· Travel to Palm Beach, F

President Trump Participates in a Panel Discussion at the Generation Next Summit


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Viewers reacted:

Steve Alexander Remember when we had a normal president that didn't need to go on Twitter and bully people everyday? 
You have added 1.2 trillion dollars to the deficit in 14 months. This is the deficit that you said you would get rid of. You may want to concentrate on that instead of Hillary and Obama.

Aman Agarwal Wow just Wow do you people ever read – He has helped this economy more than all previous administrations – Has not taken a salary given all his earnings back. Reduced taxes – brought corporations back to US soil. God Bless You President Trump – standing up for America not socialism and communism

Rebecca Lopez Thank you for serving our country! Because of you, our country has a chance to survive for much longer than we would have if the witch would have won. I’m glad we have a patriot who is not selling us out like the Globalists have been doing so they can start their global government!

Vivian Sharp Bedell Our President is smarter than all of them put together. He knew during his campaign what we the people wanted to hear and he now knows we love hearing from him direct and daily, 

Melissa M. Matile Are you REALLY this stupid? The focus on CA & Facebook, the details coming out about what was done by them & your campaign is a BAD thing for you, you colossal git.

John Meister Its to bad not everyone in DC is behind our President. I guess the President is going to have to rely on his voters to see to it that he has the American Voters Support to Keep Making America Great

–> Chuck Says Trump ‘EXACTLY RIGHT’ on China, ‘Disappointed’ in Obama

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