President Donald J. Trump’s schedule for Wednesday, September 19th

President Donald J. Trump’s schedule for Wednesday, September 19th:
· Travel to Havelock, NC
· Return to Washington, D.C.

Unconfirmed accusations should not be allowed to damn one of the most qualified candidates nominated to the High Court in years. Nor should they give the media license to destroy his reputation.

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Viewer reactions:

James Jerome President Trump, with all the danger you are in, the deep state's efforts to get you out of the office, all the lies, slander, hatred of you by the global elites, Hollywood, Democrats and by people who believe in fake news etc … I just want you to know That you are very loved in Israel and we pray that you succeed in your work!

Wesley C Martz Judge Kavanaugh UNFAIRLY accused by woman accusing Brett of 1982 rape he denies in all ways; she forgot every detail except "act."

Blain Franzen Companies train workers everyday. This has been happening since the name " Company" and "employee" and "work" were invented. Nothing new.

B.j. Duff Thanks to McConnell and the other do nothing asshats in Ky. Eastern and western KY has no jobs. Nothing to train for. A battery plant that may be done in the next 5 years, if we’re lucky. And then they will bring out of state people to fill those positions because no one here is “qualified”


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