President Donald J. Trump's schedule for Wednesday October 3rd

President Donald J. Trump’s schedule for Wednesday, October 3rd

President Donald J. Trump's schedule for Wednesday, October 3rd:
· Lunch with the Secretary of State
· Meeting with the United States Ambassador to the United Nations

Trump hosts 'MAGA' rally in Mississippi

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Derek Z Wathen Good Morning, Mr. President. I hope you have a wonderful and productive day. God bless you and Vice President Pence and Judge Brett Kavanaugh. May Lord Jesus shine His Light upon the three of you. MAGA

Tina Meeks Love watching President Trumps' Rallies ! DECENT, beautiful, like-minded, kind, PEOPLE……no yelling , screaming, insulting, foul-mouthed Liberals……or …if there is ONE, he/she is quietly, gently escorted out. Love it 

El Anres God bless and keep you, Sir. Wisdom, understanding, protection, provision good health, strength, rest, encouragement, much joy, peace and favor be yours… in the name of Jesus. Amen. Thank you for loving and fighting for the much needed change in the United States of America! Great job! Well done

Jill Daggs Good morning Mr. President. I think you are the best President ever. But I was seriously unhappy with your remark yesterday to the woman reporter about her "not thinking". That remark was unacceptable and uncalled for. I hope you will never do that again. 2020 is around the corner.

Pamela Anne I am disgusted by the President and his supporters mocking Dr. Ford. Why do people think sexual assault is funny? Where are our values? It is one thing to be ingrained in the


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