President Donald J. Trump’s schedule for Wednesday, October 17th

President Donald J. Trump’s schedule for Wednesday, October 17th:
· Meeting with workers on “Cutting the Red Tape, Unleashing Economic Freedom”
· Cabinet meeting
· Presents the Medal of Honor

Tucker: The collapse of the Democrats

From unhinged candidates to violent mobs and brazen hypocrisy, it appears lunacy has invaded the Democratic Party.

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Honduran migrants bound for U.S. just crossed into Guatemala. Former State Department official David Tafuri weighs in on 'Tucker Carlson Tonight'.

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Viewer reactions:

Pietro Balzamo I'm sure it's true. All of my friends and relatives that vote for Republicans are never honest to strangers or pollsters. And are also concerned for their property if they post their support for Republican candidates on their lawn.

Chuck Burris I love how the "pollsters" are predicting a huge democrat turnout for the election, and even with President Trumps great economic numbers and his deft handling of foreign policies, they are predicting great success by the dems in the election. It kinda reminds me how they ALL predicted HRC would win the White House, deja vu??? Might be they get outsmarted by President Trump AGAIN..

Barbara Blake Please announce at next Rally the % to be given to Seniors on Social Security the COLA Raise ( cost of living adjustment) it will make a huge impact!!!! Everyone has a favorite Senior to worry 

Pam Ogle I think I have a solution for all of our elderly on Social Security I think we the people vote for term limits take away these big fat Cadilac plants from the senators and congressmen and put it back into the Social Security system for the American people that worked hard all their lives 

Ruth Bryant This is soooooooo amazing !!!! Look at the respect our great president Donald Trump has from all the Americans!!! God bless us all!!! We are proud of our country once again!! MAGA!

Terri L Gunderson Carpenter Carl Ostendarp, did you travel from New York to this beautiful city, I reside in, Grand Rapids? I was there!!! That included the people outside. I was inside. It was packed to compacity. There were thousands of people outside, thousands. Your comment makes you look like a fool, since you were not there.

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