President Donald J. Trump's schedule for Wednesday, May 2nd

President Donald J. Trump’s schedule for Wednesday, May 2nd

President Donald J. Trump's schedule for Wednesday, May 2nd:
· Swearing-in ceremony of the Secretary of State
· Lunch with Vice President Mike Pence and Secretary of Health and Human Services
· Give remarks at the National Teacher of the Year reception

President Trump Presents the Commander in Chief Trophy to the U.S. Military Academy Football Team

White House Press Briefing

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Tark Al Sadouy Everything the left has screamed would impeach our President and condemn him for has concluded with victory for America. Soon the left will be standing alone as a great awakening occurs and more snap out of their slumbers. The results are undeniable folks! President Trump is winning for America and it's people. Stop placing your hatred of one man before your care of anything else. Winning! 

Sule William Looks like president Donald Trump will be in the White House for the next 7 Years.Things are really getting done,the job market ,the economy is in a great shape.North Korea unexpectedly wants to talk now,This guy is really doing a good job. I will definitely support trump . love and Respect from Nigeria 

Lynne LeFevre

 Here's what the Democrats have accomplished in the 16 months
– Offered no solutions to anything.
– Have thrown a 16 month long temper tantrum
– Forced the nomination process for Justices to change.
– Lost 5 special elections.
– Proven they hate democracy.
– Engaged in unprecedented obstruction of a new president.
– Proven they have nothing but contempt for the First Amendment.
– Repeatedly insulted over half of the country.
– Exposed the fact they have no concept of what Constitutional actually means.
– Exposed their contempt for the laws passed by Congress.
– Alienated middle of the road voters.
– Alienated legal immigrants.
– Alienated white working men and women.
– Alienated conservative minorities.
– Exposed themselves as insane conspiracy theorists. 
– Blocked the president's attempts to keep the country safe.
At this rate, they won't be able to get elected dog catcher, much less any sort of office where they wield power.

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