President Donald J. Trump’s schedule for Wednesday, May 16th

President Donald J. Trump’s schedule for Wednesday, May 16th:
· Expanded bilateral working lunch with President of the Republic of Uzbekistan
· Photo with White House News Photographers Association award recipients
· California Sanctuary State Roundtable

President Trump Gives Remarks at the 37th Annual National Peace Officers' Memorial Service

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Frank J Salcedo For all those so opposed to 45's leadership. Feel free to head to another country. He will most certainly get re-elected. So get used to it. It cracks me up to see so many people feeding into the media's narrative. No matter who's President there will always be an opposing side trying to disparage them. Look at his work. Not his mouth. He might not always speak presidential but prior to his Presidency he wasn't in politics. It's refreshing to see a man who held no public office prior, able to do so much for our country while precious Presidents could not.

Richard Roy Relax Melania and pray for your husband to withstand all the fiery darts of the media and the devil. God has his Angels guarding him from strife of tongues.

Reg Fields Show Kim Jong Un what the Art of the Deal is all about! Seems like he wants to play some games, teach him a lesson! MAGA

Melanie Philip Thanks to Fox, we do get the fair and balanced updates on news daily. Americans need to appreciate the fact promises made, promises kept. Very refreshing give past history. America is back.

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