President Donald J. Trump’s schedule for Wednesday, July 18th

President Donald J. Trump's schedule for Wednesday, July 18th:
· Cabinet meeting· 

From the earliest days of our Republic, American leaders have understood that diplomacy and engagement is preferable to conflict and hostility.

President Trump Meets with Members of Congress

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Viewers reactions:

Elia Saenz Cardenas President Trump we are behind you 100%. Thank you for fighting for United States. DemocRats are losing their minds and is wonderful 

Cash Banister President Donald J. Trump's schedule for Wednesday, July 18th:
· Further undermine Democracy and our Constitution…hey, folks, it's what I do best! Pathological lying aside, of course.

Andy Reigle The media is now horrified by Russian hacking but yawned in 2016 when Hillary Clinton, who they thought was a shoe-in for president, stored loads of classified emails on a secret, unsecure server.

Valerie Close Meadows Thank you for using the proper term- REPUBLIC. We are NOT a Democracy…and yes, it matters. I suppose the Dems would like it to be a Democracy- they've been trying to Brainwash people for years, into thinking that's what our Government is (without a Constitution). MAGA!! Keep up the great work!! USA USA USA!

Ina Jones Yes Hillary we are watching all the news stations to see you explain the $400 MILLION from Russian into Hillary Clinton Fund during 2016 campaign! What did you trade in return?

Terri Erwin Bivens Do you know what was said in private? When has it ever been acceptable for someone to call someone out in public. The sign of a great leader is to get more with honey than with flies. I disagree with Trump redacting his comment. But I understand why he would do it. He cant say or do anything unless he get badmouthed, threatened and worse. He IS your president. Please let him do his job.

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