President Donald J. Trump’s schedule for Wednesday, July 11th

President Donald J. Trump's schedule for Wednesday, July 11th (beginning 9:00AM Local/3:00AM EDT):
· Bilateral breakfast with Secretary General of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization
· Official greeting
· Welcoming ceremony 
· Multilateral meeting of the North Atlantic Council
· Welcoming ceremony by the host nation Belgium
· Leader’s working dinner

President Trump Delivers a Statement Upon Departure

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Viewers reactions:

Brenda Johnson I don't think I remember a President that worked so hard for the American people. The MULTITASKING is amazing!!! Also, for no pay! We are blessed to have President Trump as our President.

Benjamin A Atiah President Obama,he spoke alright but no action done.president Trump speaks and action follows! Oh man God bless him

Charles Palmer I think sometimes it is best to be a good listener among friends rather than voicing your own opinions … by listening and trying to understand might be able to gain better insight into our friends concerns … in NATO I think they understand they need to contribute more … conversely they probably don’t understand about Trump’s tarrifs and why tariffs are being imposed against EU partners? It would be a good opportunity to simply be a good and patient listener and not be in a rush.

Veterans In Politics Chapter the five boroughs of New York City Just stay cool man, don't call any of our friends out on the carpet. Don't call anyone a cheep skate in public. It don't look right. * Sir., in a meeting like that there is no RED carpet for you – your just one of the members. Nothing special about it, don't abuse others because the CAT in North Korea don't like your deal.

Margaret Buechele-Del Vescio Thank you for speaking up with truth and Logic!!! Protect you from a "thug" ya just made a deal with and be under their thumb!! Common .. Thank God I wasn't the only one that voted for you

Joshua Kithinji Keep up Mr. President. When you stand for your people they start complaining, so they would rather you allow them to weaken America in order for them to become strong eeeeee

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