President Donald J. Trump’s schedule for Wednesday, August 29th

President Donald J. Trump’s schedule for Wednesday, August 29th:
· Announce grant for drug-free communities support program
· White House Historical Association Reception

President Trump Meets with the President of FIFA

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Viewers reactions:

Bill Burdette Trump didnt do this….Barrack Obama did this!!! LOLOLOLOLOL!!! I can already hear the left screaming this on the news tonight

Conor Rafferty Stopping drugs is hard with out copious amount of substitutes like human relationships and love. So the best way to get off drugs is by having human relationships

Curtis Ricketts I have found a all natural cure that works on allergies. I want to let every body know about it but I don't want any body to keep it away from the people. How can you help me?

Marc Wilkins Perhaps you could squeeze learning to put your phone on speakerphone into that day?
You’d think the totally empty desk would was bad enough, but the man can’t even make a phone call without help.
Perhaps he’s got ptsd from the war he wriggled out of? Although, he still remembers Pearl Harbor !
Never mind , at least North Korea and Russia are under control… oh, wait !

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