President Donald J. Trump’s schedule for Tuesday, May 8th

President Donald J. Trump's schedule for Tuesday, May 8th:
· Meeting with Republican Members of Senate
· Lunch with Vice President Mike Pence and Secretary of Homeland Security
· Remarks on the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action
· Remarks at the Federal Judges Association reception

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Scott McGillis His approval rating is 47-51%, higher than Obama's first year. Stock market up 45% since election day, over 3 million new jobs added since election day, unemployment lowest in 50 yrs, Black & Hispanic unemployment lowest ever recorded, GDP almost double what it was under Obama's 8 yrs, tax cuts for middle class in our paychecks, over 500 companies giving bonuses, raises, extra benefits or hiring more people due to tax cuts, companies bringing cash back into the US from overseas accounts and will pay tax on it which will reduce our deficit and debt, Consumer confidence at all time high, wages going up, home ownership going up. Business confidence at all time high because of tax cuts and cutting regulations that stifle business growth. ISIS defeated in Iraq, bombed Syria 2x, re-negotiating our unfair trade deal to reduce our trade deficits (China caved already). manufacturing jobs up. North Korea will meet with President Trump to discuss denuclearization. He has a plan to fix immigration including DACA but the obstructionist Democrats only resist. He has a plan to fix infrastructure but again Democrats resist. He has accomplished all this with 90% negative coverage by the fake news media and no help at all from the Democrats and RINO's. TRUMP 2020

Anne Fitchett 63 million voters strong and growing. We love that you are working so hard for all Americans to make our country stronger and safer. You do need an Attorney General and we need to clean out this swamp. Rosenstien needs recusal and Sessions remains dead under his desk. The witch Hunt continues as Americans continue to wake up and see what the Deep State is doing. We look forward to Inspector General Horowitz report. Sessions and Rosenstien continue slow walking and withholding information to congress. All your voters still there and watching . We pray for the Deep State to go down.

Allison Sanders Have a great day President Trump. Thank you for doing your best to get America off of life support. Can you imagine a country in which we didn't have a party of obstructionist, antichrist, anti-American heathens on the Left!?!? This country would surely be great again!

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