President Donald J. Trump's schedule for Tuesday, July 17th

President Donald J. Trump’s schedule for Tuesday, July 17th

President Donald J. Trump's schedule for Tuesday, July 17th:
· Meeting with members of Congress

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Ann Belshaw I wouldn’t trust intelligence agencies that were clearly owned by previous administrations. 
Good for you President Trump!

Scott Apicella The Republicans and those who continue to support Trump have shown that they do not wish America to be great. By refusing to stand up to Putin, our intelligence agencies have been undermined. Trump is uncensored in criticizing those he does not like. Yet, he has never made the slightest negative comment toward Putin, despite Russia's continued adversarial role against the West. Imho, either he is completely incompetent or he has been compromised. He is not representing America; be afraid!

Karen Fitzgerald Thank you President Donald J. Trump and First Lady Melania Trump for all you do for America and the World! We are grateful beyond measure for your leadership and your hearts for America. May God Bless you both always!

Matthew Cook The same group that is hysterical condoned a shady, one sided deal with a group of Iranian mullahs that have lead chants of "death to America" for the last 40 years. The louder they cry, the more evident that their globalist dreams are being crushed.

Sue Anderson Mersereau To all the Dems on this post and everywhere. If you buy into Muellers indictment of these 12 Russians, and the fact that they hacked DNC computers, then somebody better be looking at why DNC and Wasserman and Clinton all refused to turn over their computers to the FBI. Are they in collusion with the Russians. Did they have something to hide? We all know they did.

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