President Donald J. Trump’s schedule for Tuesday, July 10th

President Donald J. Trump's schedule for Tuesday, July 10th:
· Travel to Brussels, Belgium

President Trump Announces the Nominee for Associate Justice of the Supreme Court

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Viewers reactions:

Linda Nelson Caffee Great pick President Trump. Next vacancy should be Amy Barrett. It's time to bring this country back to the Constitution and out of the hands of the liberal left.

Michael Shaughnessy 5-4 will now be cemented, 6 – 3 originalist constitutionalist conservative Supreme Court is coming next.. wishing Ruth Bader Ginsburg Speedy retirement..

Karen Clemovich God blessed us with a President who only thinks about What will make America Great Again…ignoring all the hatred from the liberals….He just keeps on moving onward and forward into Making America Great. God bless you Mr. President…Angels are watching over you and your family from the disgruntled, poor sports and hate filled left.

Dean Capron 10 year court of appeals judge , constitutionalist , Christian, what more would you want

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