President Donald J. Trump’s schedule for Tuesday, December 18th

President Donald J. Trump’s schedule for Tuesday, December 18th:
· Roundtable discussion on the Federal Commission on School Safety report

Mueller files heavily redacted Flynn interview report

Rep. Issa reacts to Comey criticizing GOP after hearing

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Viewer reactions:

Gina Williams TRUMP is the BEST President Ever! He may not be your PC president KA but he's doing the best he can for our country. I'm ever so grateful Trump won and that woman didn't!

Debbie Letai Never has a president been more dishonest than you are. Your constant complaints about the press are just a cover to try to hide your lies and corruption. But, Mueller-claus is coming to town, and he knows you've been a bad boy! A very bad boy.

Sue Ansbach Salvesen Just because the press is negative towards you does not make it dishonest. Over 60% of citizens do not trust you and for good reason. You need to stop lying. It's pathological at this point.

Allen French Still winning Mr President. You have more that are with you than against you. And I’m with you on the press. They don’t actually report the news anymore they make up what they want the people to hear. It’s a sad commentary on the state of journalism in America today 

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