President Donald J. Trump’s schedule for Thursday, September 6th

President Donald J. Trump’s schedule for Thursday, September 6th:
· Rosh Hashanah call with Jewish leaders and rabbis
· Travel to Billings, MT
· Roundtable with supporters
· Make America Great Again Rally

Gingrich slams 'junk' anonymous White House op-ed

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Jane Benjamin Hughes Thank you Mr President for your dedication the working middle class that was once forgotten yet expected to carry the financial burden of so many. Thank you for putting those less fortunate to work. Thank you, although my family lost a small business due to Obama regulations and the ACA, for bringing back the small business opportunity in America. YOU, Mr. President, are the strongest, most determined, nonpolitical force our country has needed for over 32 years. You know the swamp dwellers and have risen to the challenge of saving our country. Yes, #MAGA is happening. May God continue to render you the courage and strength to protect us all from this evil force we witness each day.

Mary Schumann just keep asking the Heavenly Father to continue to guide the footsteps of this man…We don't want to end of in a daze wondering why we didn't win.

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