President Donald J. Trump’s schedule for Thursday, September 20th

President Donald J. Trump's schedule for Thursday, September 20th:
· Travel to Las Vegas, NV
· Make America Great Again Rally

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo shares insight on Russia, China and North Korea, and discusses possibility of internal resistance within the Trump administration on 'The Ingraham Angle.'

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Viewer reactions:

Jerry Griffith I just saw our President in North Carolina handing out food to victims of the storm. I don't remember that black guy 2 years ago doing anything like that. It was probably below his status. I guess the presidency is really all about the person holding the office after all. He has a right to be arrogant and self-centered if he is as good at it as Donald is..

Jo Eiland Simmons Our President Donald Trump post his schedule each day because he wants us to know what he is doing without the press reporting it with their personal slant. They are mad because he did not have a big party for them with expensive gifts handed out after he WON the election. He said that was a waste of money, and he was right.

Yasnaia Angel Good morning Mr. President! Brown from California and low IQ Maxine are making threats against you and the Vice President. Please have the secret service to look into this. We continue to pray for you and WE love you. God bless you always!

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