President Donald J. Trump’s schedule for Thursday, November 29th

President Donald J. Trump’s schedule for Thursday, November 29th:
· Travel to Buenos Aires, Argentina

Corsi looks to file criminal complaint against Mueller

First Lady Melania Trump speaks at Liberty University

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Catherine Willoughby Just remember the reason for the season is to celebrate the birth of a Jewish man, that was a refugee as a child, who was born from a unwed teen Mom, whose parent's couldn't afford good healthcare so she gave birth to him in a barn, but he later became our salvation.

Sandy Crocco Get that tear gas ready again. The sick caravan are going to try to hop the fence again soon. They have lice, TB,chicken pox, and lots of other goodies. MS 13 also. Keep the military on the border till they all go back to their homes. A few more rainy days will do the trick.

Mark Corner Greatest President in the history of United States of America!

Dianne Roberts Thank you President Trump. I pray for you, your family and our country daily. So thankful you are the President of the USA! TRUMP 2020!

Mariam Conlin Under the Obama Administration in just the year of 2016 the US dropped over $26,000 bombs world wide and appropriately call the Unites States, " No longer a Christian Nation." President Trump and First Lady Melania celebrate Judaeo Christian values. We are all blessed to see civility in the White House! The world is blessed. It is embarrassing to have a rouge prosecutor trying to unseat a freely elected President. Americans are just to be outraged at this attack on our President!

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