President Donald J. Trump’s schedule for Thursday, May 31st

President Donald J. Trump’s schedule for Thursday, May 31st:
· Travel to Houston, TX
· Meet with Santa Fe family members and community leaders
· Roundtable with supporters 
· Remarks at National Republican Senatorial Committee lunch
· Travel to Dallas, TX
· Event with supporters 
· Travel to Washington, D.C.

President Trump Delivers Remarks and Participates in the White House Sports and Fitness Day

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5/30/18: White House Press Briefing

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Viewers reacted

Dawn Brewster Pizzolato Welcome to Texas President Trump…it is for a sad reason but we are so happy to have you.

Jimmie Sue Sears Gorman Thank you President Trump for all you for all of us, stay strong and safe, God bless you and your family.

Pascal Rigaux Mister trump, my country France needs a president as you, the Americans made the good choice

Shannon Blake Its true, I am a workaholic of impossible problems that need answers, but have no solution. ZOD

Mary Lou Williams Eshelman Negative news about you = fake news, right? Has it ever occurred to you that 91% of what you’re doing to our country is negative? No? I thought not.

Brett Garvin Here in Oregon in a deeply blue state, and I'm one of your biggest supporters!! Keep pissing them off, and doing the right thing for this great country of ours!!

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