President Donald J. Trump’s schedule for Thursday, June 21st

President Donald J. Trump’s schedule for Thursday, June 21st:
· Cabinet meeting
· Working lunch with governors
· Meeting with Secretary of State
· Meeting with Secretary of Defense

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Viewers reacted:

Julie Morlacci Good morning Mr. President,
We appreciated your tireless effort, tough stance on reforming bad policies & MAGA! Too bad there are such idiots who can’t see all the good you are doing & resort to sick innuendos towards you & your family. I pray you & your family can endure, kept safe & not give up the fight.

Carla DeJura Resetar Please come do a rally in the Jacksonville, FL area, Mr. President! My almost 16 year old son who will be voting for you in 2029 would be honored to attend!

Dizzy Claudia Lizzy You should also take some time to look in the mirror and deal with your conscience… and perhaps think about the pain you are causing to all the children encarcerated like slaves in the cages that you set up for them! 
Such a small mentality… 
In 2018! unbelievable!

Blanche Solowiej Watched your rally in Duluth, great as usual ! Schumer's behind this obstruction of the immigration bill and he's the culprit that created the mess, and never fixed it . Democrats, just using this as a political ploy for the mid-terms, they have nothing else. Good luck and God Bless you Mr. President 

Joyce Smith Send them all home, other countries don't allow this, why should we? It is the parents fault for coming here illegally in the first place. We need to take care of our own fellow Americans first! Vets, elderly folks, the poor, and homeless. This is totally out of control. No DACA either.

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