President Donald J. Trump’s schedule for Thursday, July 23th

Donald Trump Real News Update Today

NATO is paying their fair share and nobody has been tougher on Russia than me. Big results will come!

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Jimmy DePetris Thank you Lord for bringing Donald J. Trump at this time! Man I'm sure proud of our President, thru all the evil talk he keeps moving forward on his word!

Neal Baker We’ve already witnessed Great results!
I’m sure there are many more to come.
Keep up the Great work President Trump

Conny Tengqvist Shifting focus again. Trump does this always. When something goes wrong or getting bad publicity. Shift – make something else more interesting. This is what he does always.

Nelly Jabonero President Trump = Awesome AchievementS. Keep reading his good news here. The Trump News. Welcome for joining the President Trump’s social media platform

Lynn Weir In 2016 Obama funneled Monies, using Clinton Foundation.. Obama also interfered with the 2016 Israel Election, using USA Taxpayer Grants for the opposing party. Whoopie..

K Marie Steven and Dan, misleading people does not mean they will believe you.
NATO is doing what they agreed to do under the previous administration and no more. And your boss cannot get the facts correct as he says US pays 70-90% of NATO budget. We do not.

Our contribution is approximately 22% of NATO’s budget. And NATO spends the majority of their resources cleaning up the messes the US Max around the world.

Tough on Russia?
Not when you want to take the side of a authoritarian/communist leader against our intelligence agencies, including the military.

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