President Donald J. Trump’s schedule for Thursday, July 19th

President Donald J. Trump's schedule for Thursday, July 19th:
· Meeting with the Secretary of Defense 
· Lunch with the Secretary of State
· Host the Pledge to America’s Workers event

White House Press Briefing

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Viewers reactions:

Patrick Dullea "Left now has to explain why the oobama era officials attacking President Trump failed to protect America from Russian actions. It was their job not candidate Trump’s. They failed. Now they complain. Piety without performance is ridiculous." Why did the oobama tell his intel staff to "stand down" in the face of Russian Aggression?

Herb Fulmer I love seeing all you haters talk here and seeing the stupid stuff you say . And yet we have more jobs your 401k has gone up over 200% since he got into office . More homes are being built . More Industry's are coming to the USA than every before . And you snowflakes are crying .

Phylis Chase I am a Trumplican…i left the republicans after they didn't welcome you as their candidate ….and they have been part of the coupe attempt trying to overtake you….right now, you have the weight of the world literally on your shoulders…I wish every American who supports you will let the world know it.. I hope you are getting massages…don't wanna hold in all that tension….omg we worry about you Mr. President. but we know you are on the right track and pray for your health, safety and your devotion to this country to remain strong regardless of the tornado of attacks swirling around you….God Bless You Donald J. Trump.

Lois Adams Yes, President Trump… We love you soooooooo much! When is your next rally? I love your rallies. They are fun but they also raises our level of patriotism to heights we have not experienced in a long long time. Thank you President Trump. And thank you for all the work you do..Wow! You are awesome…To MY President Donald J. Trump


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