President Donald J. Trump’s schedule for Thursday, April 19th

President Donald J. Trump's schedule for Thursday, April 19th:
· Travel to Key West, FL
· Briefing with Joint Interagency Task Force-South, NORTHCOM, and SOUTHCOM
· Visits Joint Interagency Taskforce-South
· Travel to Palm Beach, FL

President Trump Hosts a Joint Press Conference with the Prime Minister of Japan

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Viewers reactions:

Timothy Boston Seriously, think of all the INCREDIBLE things this admin has accomplished…. ISIS crushed, Korean peace and denuked, tax reform, jobs, blm quiet (no one blocking highways), and tons more….

Don't you anti-trumpers feel a bit silly at this point?

Scott Nauert Naturally, the Democrats can't stand your successes and will oppose his appointment at every turn.. Sad!

Wendy Bates Thank you President Trump you are a wonderful person…thank you for doing a great job for America! You are loved and appreciated for all that you are doing! So proud of our successes and the change that you are making in our country! MAGA! Praying for you and your family!

Riux Dupri What Donald Trump said he would do once he got elected, he's doing it. Give him that. Some is good, some isn't. Deciding which is which is a choice, just like toothpaste. Cursed are the ones who'd attempt to impeach him instead of voting against him at the polls.

Darlene Akin Thank you President your hardwork for the American People, is greatly appreciated. We wish you the best in all these endeavors laid at your feet. First time in decades we've had a POTUS who cares and shows it daily. My family and I love you being the President. We just keep winning.

Diana Breen Mr.President! You enjoy Palm Beach…you deserve it. You're not like the Obama family who were constantly traveling to Hawaii and everywhere else. At least you mix business with golf. I've got your back! Enjoy!


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