President Donald J. Trump’s schedule for Monday, October 1st

President Donald J. Trump's schedule for Monday, October 1st:
· Lunch with the Vice President
· Present the Congressional Medal of Honor
· Travel to Johnson City, TN
· Roundtable with supporters
· Make America Great Again rally
· Travel to Washington, D.C.

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Chris Stoffa Downey Best wishes and prayers to you Mr. President Donald J. Trump. Sorry to say that some people's elevator don't reach the top floor.

Cindy Ebersole Thank you President Trump for all you are doing for our Nation!!!! Have a wonderful day and I will be watching the rally from Palmyra, PA

Aurora Smith To NBC News

Trump did not put limits on the FBI investigation. The limits were put on by Jeff flake in conjunction with the democrats. The scope was narrowed to only the people that were involved in the hearings. Actually it was limited to credible charges. The time was also limited to one week. If you listen to the tapes for that time you will hear the limits set by Jeff flake. And you wonder why trump says fake news.


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