President Donald J. Trump’s schedule for Monday, June 18th

President Donald J. Trump's schedule for Monday, June 18th:
· Meeting with the National Space Council
· Signing ceremony for H.R. 3249, Safe Neighborhoods Grant Program Authorization Act of 2018
· Meeting with Senator Shelby and Senator Moore Capito

Weekly Address: 6/16/18

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Billy Lee I, for one, am not outraged about the Immigration officials doing their job. We have laws and processes. After all, they are really coming here for the free benefits.

Ted L Spencer Sr. Stop taking the children and send them and their parents back to where they came from!!! If you want to give them everything you have than do so, and you can go to where they came from and live there!!!! Just leave America!!! If I take your stuff you would put me in jail, but when Illegals take your stuff it's OK

Peter Goolgasian Do democrats in Washington actually understand immigration! Look at what’s going on in Germany and what the people are about to say about open borders Merkel !

Richard Bernstein America can develop both sides of the border .mexico needs help we can offer the help as a business partner ,lets make fair deals .lend the money manage over see the payback .Good business.We could do the same on all our southern states and bus homeless people to there new jobs and life.lets make homelessness against the law because we have jobs homes and food enough to run our capitalistic country in a very fair way.We need to tax regulate and price regulate ,health care needs changing and so does can get a job or go to jail or go to a hospital but no sleeping under the bridge.


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