President Donald J. Trumps schedule for Monday, July 9th

President Donald J. Trumps schedule for Monday, July 9th:
· Lunch with the Vice President
· Announce the nominee for Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States

President Trump's 2018 Independence Day Message

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Viewers reactions:

Claire Lee Amusing to see people say "Make America red again." Being red used to mean Communist takeover. With Trumpf's admiration for Russia maybe it still does? Who knows? We'll see.

Roger Coffman Jr The Dems are going to get to enjoy the pick for Supreme Court today and for decades to come. Hopefully, Trump will have another opportunity to pick another judge in the near future when Ginsberg retires.

Thomas Hodder Looking forward to your announcement. You will also get one more. Keep it going. I’m sure you find it interesting that the Dems are linking themselves to a socialistic platform. It is their first positive indication of a platform. This shows such a desperate move since they have done nothing except create churn. They are being sacrificed by the liberal WO and they don’t care. The control on them is so very strong. Have a great day and keep it going.

William N Bill Crossman If you think the Lib Progs have been insane just wait until after President Trump's pick for next Supreme today. My pick is on the woman with (7) kids and she will be called every name in the book with end result to destroy her family, her livelihood, reputation and family. "Rs" best grow "a pair" and back President Trump's nominee but I do not hold out too much hope on these squishy RINOs.

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