President Donald J. Trump’s schedule for Monday, July 30th

President Donald J. Trump’s schedule for Monday, July 30th:
· Meeting with the Prime Minister of the Italian Republic 
· Expanded bilateral meeting with the Prime Minister of the Italian Republic 
· Joint Press Conference with the Prime Minister of the Italian Republic
· Swearing-in ceremony for the Secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs

Weekly Address: 7/27/18

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Viewers reactions:

Janice Jackson Good morning Mr. President may you have a blessed day. Thank for running for PRESIDENT an winning. Very Grateful for U an what ur Administration is doing.

Carolyn Lloyd Roudabush Thank you for your service to Our Great Country Mr. President. Have a great day.

Douglas Richardson “You Are the change” the people asked for and needed- you are showing the path of least resistance is NOT always the right path, Thank-you and Keep up the good work

Dorothy Durand Thank you President Trump for all you do! We just got our health insurance open enrollment information & our rates dropped so much I will actually be able to afford coverage

Dondi Cook And I'm dealing with a corrupt judiciary in Fairbanks Alaska where the district attorney tell his Troopers to plant HAM SANDWICHES ON PEOPLE'S HEADS… And one of the magistrates is John Gotti's Ex Personal attorney who rolled in Him… And still thinks He's part of the MOB!

Barbara Rochester Howell Thank you Mr . President for all that you have done and continue to do for us. I wanted you to run, even before you announced your candidacy. 
I am more proud of America today because of you than I have been in years. Please keep up the great work! Don't let these UNGRATEFULS get under your skin.

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