President Donald J. Trump’s schedule for Monday, July 17th

President Donald J. Trump's schedule for Monday, July 17th (beginning 9:25AM Local/2:25AM EDT):
· Official greeting
· Breakfast with the President Republic of Finland
· Guest book signing
· Guest book signing at the Presidential Palace
· Official greeting
· 1:1 bilateral meeting with the President of the Russian Federation

President Trump Participates in a Joint Press Conference with the Prime Minister of the UK

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Viewers reactions:

Paula J Drummond This Man President Trump who had a wonderful and very full life did not need this job. 
( that he donates his salary for)
He ran because he knew his country needed him

Ricki Rank If anyone pays attention to history, World War 2 for example, Churchill was vilified like President Trump is being vilified, but he stood strong and led England through the war. Look at other leaders and you will find the same.

Carla Miller Sledge Trump is leading the NATO alliance. He put things on the table that needed to be resolved. The world got to see the imbalance of the contributions towards their own defense. Time to open their wallets. NOW, not in 2024 or 2030. Thank God for Trump. He has a spine. He does not avoid confrontation. In fact, he seeks it out so problems can be resolved. Doesn't shy away. Trump stood up for America and the American taxpayer. And in the end, they all agreed he was right

Anna Cuomo-Bertsch The best place to hurt any other country that abuses the USA is in the wallet. Go big Mr. President. I don't mind paying extra to American businessmen if it is going to make the rest of the world respect and deal fairly with us.

Dolores McCullough You're 10 hours ahead of us here in the Pacific Northwest. But, I'll be tuning in Fox tomorrow (my time) for coverage. Thank you, President Trump, for all you have done and all you're planning to do for America.

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