President Donald J. Trump’s schedule for Monday, April 16th

President Donald J. Trump’s schedule for Monday, April 16th:
· Travel to Hialeah, FL
· Tax Cuts for Florida Small Businesses Roundtable
· Travel to Palm Beach, FL

Legal experts go head-to-head on 'The Next Revolution' to put former FBI director James Comey on trial.

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Linda Brooks Good NC Morning, Mr President! I hope you have a wonderful day and may God's blessings be with you! Stay strong as you drain the swamp, the snakes will lie, slander, break the law, all because they are not in charge anymore. We the people, are thanks to you. We are with you 100%

Nan Thompson The Swamp is really getting nervous. You must be very close to exposing alot of the tyranny that has gone on for so many years. I read where O'bama was behind McCabe's legal fund. Not surprised. Soros behind everybody. Keep plugging – we Deplorables are rooting for you.

D Sagar Tambe Switched from democrat to independent and as of today voting straight Republican next election. Trump is truly a patriot and fighting for the American people. Those who can't see this are blind or haven't researched yet.I am not only going to vote for Trump during his next election but I'm going to campaign for him! Forever Trumper now and proud!

Dustin Henry Offutt The most important news today. "Clinton operations receive tens of millions of dollars of contributions from Uranium One/Russia Interests" before she sold arch-enemy Russia very strategically important US uranium. Why would we sell our arch-enemy uranium when it can be used to make the most dangerous weapons on Earth?

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