President Donald J. Trump’s schedule for Friday, September 21st

President Donald J. Trump’s schedule for Friday, September 21st:
· Roundtable with supporters
· Deliver remarks and participate in signing ceremony for legislation appropriating funds for energy and water, military construction and Veterans Affairs, and the legislative branch
· Travel to Springfield, MO
· Roundtable with supporters
· Make America Great Again Rally
· Travel to Bedminster, NJ

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President Trump hosts MAGA rally in Las Vegas

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William Elloy Napoleon Make Africa Happy Again As Well By Removing Corruptive Leaders Sir

Simon Luke I pray for u may God give more wisdom to make every thing new .god bless u dear

Harry Linderman When will all the haters accept that it's the democrats fault that trump won? Hilary was a train wreck as a candidate. After her abysmal performance as secretary of state. And needing collusion between obama, the proven corrupt FBI and biased DOJ to stay out of jail. How could anyone objectively vote for her?

Anita Houston Why do you only have round tables with supporters? If you met with everyone, you would have a better understanding of how your country wants you to serve. That is your job to serve.

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