President Donald J. Trump’s schedule for Friday, November 2nd

President Donald J. Trump’s schedule for Friday, November 2nd:
· Travel to Huntington, WV
· Make America Great Again Rally 
· Travel to Indianapolis, IN
· Make America Great Again Rally

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President Trump holds campaign rally in Missouri

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Viewer reactions:

Lynn Miller Cole This president works harder than any I have ever seen. We appreciate you so much. I am so proud that you represent America

Benita Martin Way to go, Mr. President! You are like the Energizer Bunny! You just keep going, going, going

Robert Boyer thanks for keeping the illeage aliens out now protect our troops that are there to serve

Gary Fillion Given what this man – a man who gave up his billionaire lifestyle to work tirelessly and without pay as our president – has accomplished, all while being vilified and attacked by the media, politicians, and entertainment industry, I believe he is the best president in United States history. God bless Mr. Trump

Linda Nimmer-Morin Amazing the energy you have Mr. President. Keep up the excellent work for the people. Finally, a President that truly cares about the American people. Stay safe out there it's a pretty scary time we live in right now. God will protect you we all pray for you to be safe.

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